USS Radford DD/DDE 446


The Radford operated with a crew of about 300 men who maintained the ship and manned her weapons of war in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. She was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for valor and 26 battleĀ stars for war time actions. She earned numerous other decorations and awards during her many years of service. The Radford crew rescued 468 sailors from the sea when the cruiser USS Helena was sunk in the WWII Battle of Kula Gulf. The Radford Museum sculpture “Deliverance” commemorates this heroism.

The ship was decommissioned in 1969 and later sold for scrap, but, she lives on in our history, at the Radford Museum on board the USS Orleck DD 886 located in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and within the memories of the surviving men who served aboard during her long and distinguished service to the US Navy, and the people of the United States of America.

The USS Radford Association was founded in 1991 by Vane S. Scott who served as President, Writer, and Editor of the Radford Newsletter until October, 2008.

At the Annual Business Meeting held on October 4, 2008, theĀ  Association elected Charles A. “Chuck” Parsons as its new President, Writer, and Editor of the Radford Newsletter.

The Association has located over 1,400 former shipmates, and we want to know if you, or someone you know, served on this legendary destroyer. Contact our President to find out how you can help Radford live on.

Charles A. “Chuck” Parsons
482 Windyville Road
Spencer, West Virginia 25276

18 thoughts on “USS Radford DD/DDE 446

  1. Joe Worsham says:

    Chuck: Reading the newsletter online is fine with me, and I understand that you will be contacting me with instructions to access the Radford website.

    Thanks, Joe Worsham

  2. Louise Farel(Jack Brereton) says:

    I would like to continue receiving the newsletter by mail if that won’t be a problem. So sorry I didn’t get in touch sooner. I must have overlooked your request. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Louise

  3. Guy Howe says:

    Hi Chuck,
    I got your postcard and yes, I would like to receive the newsletter. I would like to receive it at my post office box. P.O. BOX 1866, Portola, CA 96122.


    Guy Howe

  4. Jack Nelson says:

    Couldn’t find NEWSLETTER link, but will be happy to read same on the website. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier.

    Jack Nelson

  5. Mike Casey says:

    This is a great improvement to the Radford website. Easy access to the newsletter and all the other features as well. Thanks to all involved.

  6. Al Moander says:

    Signalaman 3rd Class
    WestPac 1969 & Decommissioning Crew

    I was just introduced to the online newsletter by Kimberly Parsons. Please get me on the list!
    Al Moander

  7. larry l froemke says:

    I will view the USS Radford newsletter by email. I was part of the crew on her last years of service ,an experience I will never forget. she gave me a lot of good memories. :HUK KING”

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